Hello fellow people of the fediverse, I have finally gone ahead and set up my own pleroma (with mastodon frontend) instance where I shall be residing from now on, as my island of solitude (similarily as moe.neon.moe for @neon ). I might open the doors for cybergay.space once I stay here for a while if I end up comfortable with the fact that my server won't explode with more people coming in.

Anyways, follow me here on cybergay.space now!

@jon_valdes Ooh that look real cool! Looks like quite a bit of a different aim than mine, but still coolio as fuckio :D

If I'll have any children in the future I'm going to become transparent.


@Efi @neon I suppose. I think it was implied that nobody can help though, as mastodon's html and css is literally the satan.

@Efi @neon Are you undermining my abilities of helping people with css stuff

green goblin's css and html wizardry is making my boy @neon lose his mind

send help

I know I have been quiet for quite long on mastodon only posting some posts from time to time but..

I gotta get this off my chest
Eat the rich

just giving a heads up that I haven't been on mastodon lately because I've been too occupied by Pokemon, will be working on glerminal once I finish this though! Pinkie promise!

@jon_valdes Looks cool! Though I've been busy lately playing Pokemanners (ultra sun) so I haven't been developing my terminal at all 😅

When I finish this game I promise to work on that though, pinkie promis!

Doom for switch is pretty neat, though it's pretty hard, since it is a console game and thumbsticks aren't a great experience in fps games, especially fast-paced ones.

Also played some shovel knight and as a souls-like hard games player I'm very much loving it so far!

Haven't been able to test yet, loved the PC version though, so I have high expectations! Will report after I have time to test it.

I just bought Doom for Switch

Call me a heathen all you want, I don't care

I'm going to enjoy the heckeroni out of it

Goodnight my beautiful gays

I'm going to sleep~ ❤

I'd like to welcome our facebook refugee siblings (and other people that have made it over to mastodon) and just hope you have a swell time!

If you're interested about me, I have an actual introduction-post pinned, also some cool resources for cool gamedev stuff if you'd like to get into things!

I wonder if people are suddenly following me because of a followfriday and flood of facebook refugees or actually legitimately because I post cool gifs of dev stuff (follow me for cool gifs, I post cool gifs of cool stuff)

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