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Please don't use this account to contact me.

Use @TheKinrar or @queen instead.

Please don't use this account to contact me.

Use @TheKinrar or @queen instead.

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As you may have seen, the instance is now back working.

The migration has completed successfully and is now a neighbor of

From now, I (@TheKinrar) am the admin of this instance.
You can still contact me using the @queen account or on my account. I also have a thekinrar account here but I don't intend to use it much.

1.6.1... Maintenant le thème.

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Hey everyone!
@TheKinrar has now access to the server hosting The migration will likely take place between 9PM and 10PM (UTC+1).

By the way, if you want to follow Wonderfall (the previous admin), here's his new account : @wonder

c'est tout rouge par chez vous en tout cas

c'est rigolo personne ne me follow ici je peux dire ce que je veux

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- I deleted my account, but I'm posting as Wonderfall.

I want to thank all my patrons, your donations have been very, very, helpful to me. I will delete my Patron account, but if you still want to support this instance, you can do so by donating to @thekinrar :

These last days, and months have been very stressful for me and I'm sorry for being an "unstable" sysadmin. Hopefully, and I know this will be the case, @thekinrar will do a better work. was one of the first instances alongside, and it would be very disappointing to close it already.

As for me, I'll come back in a few weeks or months, I don't know yet. Now that I'm gone, I kindly ask other admins to reconsider their blocklists.

I just want some fresh air. Good bye!

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🇬🇧 Thanks to @TheKinrar, will NOT close. Migration will take place in the following days, we'll keep you updated.

You can support @TheKinrar for his work right now :

🇫🇷 Grâce à @TheKinrar qui s'est proposé pour reprendre l'instance bénévolement, l'instance ne va pas fermer. La migration va se dérouler d'ici les prochains jours, nous vous tiendrons au courant.

Vous pouvez aider @TheKinrar en contribuant financièrement à son infrastructure qui accueillera l'instance :