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I am *so* fucking tired.

Tired of being inside. Tired of awful, self centered people. Tired of stares because I'm the only one still wearing my mask. Tired of my burnout. Tired of rational people who are also tired and have gone back to living their life as if it were 2019. Tired of being scared. Tired of not getting enough sleep. Tired of feeling like a used washcloth, crumpled up, wrung out, and left to dry at the side of the sink.

Somehow, I keep going. One foot in front of the other. 🫥

I hardly ever share anything about this on social media, but here feels safe because few people will see it.

It’s a combination of A) being endlessly bad at self promotion and B) feeling like if I toot my horn too much about it, a dozen other coffee companies will decide they need to play copycat.

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Last year I started printing all the weekly YES PLZ Coffee inserts in my living room on a risograph machine. A reasonably wholesome mid-life crisis hobby!

Wordle 314 2/6


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PROTIP: try spelling “mastodon” correctly when typing in a user’s address.

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Just spent 5m unsuccessfully trying to figure out if I could follow someone who is another server. I’ve either forgotten how mastadon works (or doesn’t) or I never really figured it out in the first place.

In the event of cyberwar taking major social media offline, warming up my mastodon …

Haven’t logged into mastodon in an eternity. [taps keyboard] is this thing on…?

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Mark Zuckerberg as president: Unions are destroyed and everyone gets a bluetooth enabled smartwatch for compensation. People collectively buy bulk stock of vital organs on Facebook Market, powered by Patreon and Gofundme. The organs are delivered by drones, along with takeout. Self-driving cars detect homeless and unemployed people on the road.

Chelsea Clinton: For each 20,000 tons of explosives dropped in the Arab World by NATO, one Muslim woman gets a STEM scholarship and fronts Teen Vogue.

When twitter first started it was largely people posting status messages. Maybe that's how I'll start using Mastadon... current status: editing my amateurish photos of coffee bags.

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