I finally finished my glorious amblypygid illustration and if you wanted, you can buy it on a shirt or a mug or a tote bag or whatever. Yay! Media marked as sensitive because amblypygi probably look awfully scary to arachnophobes and such :) redbubble.com/people/thevexedm

Halp I just looked at the federated TL after a whole week of sticking to local and everything is so fast D:

Seriously considering modifying my "microbial badass" design to turn it into an enamel pin. Guess I could try crowdfunding to get them made up. Really I just want one for myself :D

Spider-like arachnid extreme close-up! Drawing, not photo, but still. 

Some more work on my amblypygid - detailed the face. One more session and he's done!

I am so ding-dang DONE with tweaking this stupid awful work website. A solid week and a half of wrestling with Wordpress when you don't have access to source files is enough to break anyone. Stupid university hosting. Stupid Wordpress. Stupid me for ever admitting I know anything about this stuff.

"virtue signalling" was a phrase invented to stigmatize the act of publicly giving a shit about something other than yourself

I think my amblypygid is pretty much done. A little cleanup in photoshop and it should be ready for prime time. Image masked for arachnophobes. It's not a spider, but it's a close relative and tends to set off the same panic in some :)

insect & spider phobics beware! 

Work in progress doodle of an Amblypygi (tailless whip scorpion) based on photos by Gil Wizen (used with permission)

Jammie Dodgers likes to put her paws on my face when we snuggle. I like to think of it as helping me build a robust microbiome.

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