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Goal of this instance

This is a generalist instance. Either you like Game of Thrones or not, either you support the house Targaryen or not, and whatever opinions you have, you will always be welcome. This instance was made because we believe in a better and decentralised (sine qua non condition) Internet. This instance also focus on security (through a strong TLS configuration) and performance.

This instance is up and running since the 1 April 2017. We were one of the first Mastodon instances open to registrations and we're here for a long time...

All languages are accepted but the main languages spoken here are french and english (and valyrian for sure).

Source code changes

For your information, this instance is running a little different code than other Mastodon instances. Don't panic, it's still Mastodon, but as you can see the look is tweaked. Bio length was increased from 160 to 400. The current limit of characters per post is set to 800 (default is 500 for Mastodon) : we believe this is still a reasonable limit for micro-blogging.


There are no restrictions of content on this instance, however, to keep it pleasant to everyone here are a few rules.

Any user not respecting these rules may get silenced or suspended.

Also remember you have the ability to report users if they don't respect these rules.

  • Racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. messages are prohibited
  • Parodic accounts are accepted but must mention they are parodic in their description
  • Bots are allowed. However, bots tooting in the public timelines may get silenced if they toot too much. Bots mentionning users too many times without their consent may get suspended.

How to donate?

Liberapay : donate recurrently!

Patreon : become a patron!

To guarantee the longevity of this instance, every single donation is useful.