Someone who thinks they're cis might be trans. I thought I was cis once. There aren't many (perhaps no) trans people who didn't think they weren't cis at one point.

This is part of why I think giving accurate information on trans issues is so important, and why engaging cis people on it is so vital.

You don't have to be responsible for this engagement. But don't shit on people who *are* doing it.

I don't think it's a hot take to say shitting on cis people is transmisia by proxy, because someone asking about trans things that you consider "obvious" could be having some serious questions about their own identity, and the last thing they need is gatekeeping.

Fun fucking fact:

Trans people shitting on me 10 years ago by gatekeeping and withholding information, telling me to get a diagnosis of GID and talk to a therapist, caused me serious fucking distress for *years.*

Yes the trans community is somewhat different now, but my God, how many people are living miserable existences not being themselves because some trans person decided they were "just another ignorant cishet?"

By the way, this goes for anything, but especially this topic:

Telling someone to Google it IS NOT HELP.


You aren't being cute. You're being a dickhead. No one likes a dickhead. Don't be one.

@Elizafox very true. If I'm asking someone for help instead of just Googling it all odds are I'll be there already tried to Google it and it didn't help or I want more context and expertise in a simple Google search will give me

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