Spent 4+ hours driving. I get to the office and my #TechTeam member on-site is at another office, an hour away, assisting another member. Off to the other office, I guess.
He took care of most of what I wanted done. Heading back to the #hotel.
Arrived at the #hotel. I think the GPS SatNav device took me on the hilly-est, winding-est two-lane highways it could find. Probably could have cut one or two hours out of today's drive time by sticking to the major routes that I already know, like #I-70, #I-64, #I-55, #I-44. #MO-47? What was that device thinking?

@lnxw48a1 Gotta watch those "avoid toll road, avoid freeway" settings

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@lnxw48a1 Was on a quick trip to Chicago, used someone else's iPhone nav. We drove through neighborhoods to get to our meeting. It was a very nice drive but he was confused about the route until I suggested he check that setting. We don't have toll roads so makes more difference at home.

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