@Gargron Quick question. . .go to . .shows me as available to sign up. By the time I have chosen a username and entered my info, it says sign ups are closed. What gives?

@Gargron Am I not being quick enough and if so, how long do I have and how often do you open it up?

@privacymatters Feel free to open an account on as well. I've got 48 cores & 256GB of RAM to throw at it to see how many user it can handle ;-) @Gargron

@privacymatters what is wrong with the instance you are on now ?

@Gargron @wonderfall No! Absolutely not!!! You do a great job and you are very on top of things! I just like a bit more stability and a more "pure" Mastodon experience. Also not really into Game Of Thrones. . .which I didn't realize this when I joined. Again, this is an EXCELLENT instance, which I have recommended to many others and will continue to do so!

@privacymatters @Gargron No problem then. I'm not too much myself into Game Of Thrones and as you can see I keep it as a generalist instance, though I wanted to make it different by making design choices, and some are referring to GoT, indeed.

Hope you'll enjoy your new instance, I know the admin there and it'll be a nice experience. 😉

@Gargron @wonderfall It really looks great! I will still continue to recommend this one, as well!

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